• Sehlabathebe National Park!
  • Sehlabathebe National Park!
    Sehlabathebe National Park!
  • The Three Bushmen's!

    The three Bushmen's!

  • Waterfall & Park Ranger at Sehlabathebe National Park!

    Park Ranger at Waterfall! (Sehlabathebe)!

  • Camping at Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge!

    Camping at Sehlabathebe National Park!

  • Derek over looking Jonathan's Lodge!

    Derek over looking Jonathan's Lodge on one of his many walks within the Sehlabathebe National Park!

  • Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge - Dining Room!

    Dining Room!

  • New part of the Road between Maseru & Sehlabathebe! Beautiful Scenery!

  • Bedrooms over looking an area of the Park!

    Bedrooms overlooking an area of the Park!

  • Bedrooms with Ablutions!

    Bedrooms with Ablutions!

  • Sehlabathebe!

    Sehlabathebe National Park!

  • Sehlabathebe & the Three Bushmen's!

    Sehlabathebe & the Three Bushmen's! This Park is so beautiful, peaceful and serene to put it mildly!

Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge (Lesotho)

Sehlabathebe National Park's new Lodge has now opened and currently has the facility to cater for 40 persons on a dinner, bed & breakfast or self-catering basis, if required. We also have availability for Camping with seperate ablutions within the new Lodge for the Camp Site. Campers also have the possibility of utilizing our dining room at the new lodge for meals etc', if required.

The existing Jonathan's Lodge is currently being used as a staff facility at present whereby we will soon undertake some upgrades to the old Lodge and be operational by Easter 2015, and open for bookings on-line. This Lodge can accommodate 16 persons and will also have availability for campers as well. We are currently building a new facility that will house Staff & the Park Rangers etc' and have a back-packers area for those that may prefer this option as well.


Room number 1 - 5 and room number 17 and 18 make up the seven double or twin rooms with self catering facilities & own ablutions.  Room 6 - 16 are part of the eleven twin rooms with self-catering facilities & shared ablutions. Unit 19 is the only one (4) sleeper luxury unit with (2) bedrooms, lounge, dining area, kitchen and bathroom. Camping facilities for whomever may require it, such as vehicles, caravans, off road trailers and tents are available. We have a fully-equipped restaurant with breakfast and dinner available