• Featured Lodge: Sehlabathebe National Park (Lesotho)

    This is the travel option on horseback from Bushman's Nek, which is a 4 - 5 hour ride with amazing scenery along the way! Horses can be booked via ourselves directly at the Lodge with local guides otherwise you can also arrange this with Khotso Horse Trails!

  • Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge - Dining Room!

    Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge - Dining Room!

  • Sehlabathebe National Park!

    Sehlabathebe National Park! (This photograph was taken in September 2014)

  • Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge!

    Sehlabathebe National Parks (New Lodge)!

  • Sehlabathebe National Park! (Photo taken August 2012)!

    Sehlabathebe National Park during Winter - August 2012!

  • Kanyemba Fishing Camp!

    Kanyemba Fishing Camp - on the banks of the Mighty Zambezi River!

  • The Zambezi Express!

    The Zambezi/s Express!

  • Camping By the Roadside!

    Al-Fresco Dining by the Roadside!

  • Khali Hotel - Maseru!

    Khali Hotel - Maseru (Lesotho)

  • Kariba - Zimbabwe! Unbelievable Sunset!

    Kariba - Zimbabwe! Unbelievable Sunset!

  • Jonathan Lodge. Ideal for groups or family getaways!

    Jonathan's Lodge!

  • Jonathan's Lodge (Sehlabathebe - Lesotho)!
    Jonathan's Lodge (Sehlabathebe - Lesotho)!
  • Tsoelikane Falls (Sehlabathebe)!
    Tsoelikane Falls (Sehlabathebe)!
  • Snow in Lesotho!
    Snow in Lesotho!
  • Typical Homestead in Lesotho. (Where people are always smiling)!
    Typical homestead in Lesotho. (Where the friendly people live)!
  • Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge - Lesotho
    Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge - Lesotho