From the Roadside

From the Roadside is a new concept where we have decided to run with this as another link within ZKS and where we believe it would be an asset to ensure that From the Roadside will actually interact with any of our going concerns, as well as partner/links wherever possible. From the Roadside is basically a name that utilizes Facebook pages in certain Countries throughout the World and where the plan is to just allow advertising within this, by whomever and wherever, which will hopefully be of interest to many people Worldwide etc'. In all reality the hits on these pages since conception have been unbelievable to put it mildly, so hopefully all good.

From the Roadside - Worldwide             

Cranberry Cottage - Ladybrand               

Lion & Elephant Motel - Zimbabwe         

Resthaven Guesthouse - Matatiele         

Khotso Horse Trails & Backpackers       

De-Villa Lodge - Loskop Valley              

Struthan Cottages – Tiree Accommodation

Ecolife Expeditions                               

Campfire Safaris                                   
Limpopo FGA 
African Rock Hotels                              

Paula Veverka Photography